Hi, Loves!!  I am a Lularoe selling and wearing, high school teaching, mama of 2!  I created this space so I can share my Lularoe obsession, mommy tales, and other inspirational tidbits with you all!!  I currently live in Highland Village, TX (Dallas suburb) and I am a High School Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (think old school Home Economics!!).  I have 2 beautiful babies (Gracie, 5 and Caleb, 2), married to Calvin (an insanely handsome Professor at University of North Texas) and we are about as average as it comes! I sell Lularoe clothing and I am so thankful to be apart of a fashion community that supports and showcases REAL women in modern yet appropriate clothing!!  I don’t do drama and I try to surround myself with inspiration, love, and humor as much as possible.  I hope you will join me on this crazy journey called life and visit here when you need some uplifting, laughs, and leggings!!