An Open Letter to Lularoe

Dear Lularoe


Dear Lularoe,
As I sit here on my couch; a previous teacher, but current SAHM trying to work my amazing side gig with you I stumble across the new Spring Promo pics. About half way through I am in tears and awe at the beauty you have captured. But it’s not the physical beauty of these women I am referring to. It’s the beauty of normalcy that you have so creatively captured. I was looking at women just like me – stylish, fun, and flawed in all the most amazing and right ways. I imagined myself in that fierce Carly and began to wonder how I can incorporate more Madison’s into my closet because I believe I could wear every single one of the pieces pictured. I could and can see myself in every one of those photos – those gorgeous, un-photoshopped, realistic photos. Maybe it was fate that I discovered these on International Women’s Day and was reminded of why I fell in love with you in the first place. I fell in love with you because of how you made me feel!! In a world where we as women are so often judged and held to ridiculously unattainable standards, you came into my life and said “Girl, you got this and here are some amazingly comfortable, fashionable, and affordable clothes for you to wear while you go forth and conquer!!”. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something that is so uplifting and encouraging to women. Thank you for your bravery in bucking fashion and societal expectations and portraying your line in a real way with real women. Thank you for helping me help others in creating a very real and authentic story through fashion and friendships, and looking crazy fierce while doing it!!
All the feels,
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